Because no great story ever started
with someone drinking water

At STAGE14, we have an unwavering passion for wine stories… and wines too.;) We developed a sophisticated technology that helps wineries break free from tasting room boundaries, tell their story to all the wine lovers out there, sell them more wine, and grow the wine club.

Our talented team has been running lead generation and marketing programs over the last 7 years for Nestle, Pepsi, FOX, L’Oreal and more to help them reach and engage with their customers.

The List

We believe the most important asset to any winery is THE LIST. Some call it a customer, mailing or member list, others call it the CRM or database, but these people on YOUR LIST all share a common love for your brand, at some point they all believed in YOUR STORY.

We are here to build YOUR LIST. STAGE14’s marketing program helps you engage and reward potential customers which translates into higher conversion rates. We are proud of the fact that we accomplish it without buying any ads — we get clean, solid verified intel.

At STAGE14, it’s about the quality of the data. STAGE14 unequivocally delivers the cleanest dataset in the industry, including the elusive permission to call, text, and email, complemented with the full name, age, location-based segmentation, wine preferences, and explicit/implicit behavioral characteristics.


There are many occasions where you come in contact with potential customers. We call these occasions touchpoints. Each touchpoint represents an opportunity to tell YOUR STORY and sell wine. We want to help you have a relationship with each and every person you interact with, at all of your touchpoints. At STAGE14 we start at the touchpoints and go further, helping foster a relationship with every person far beyond the initial tastings, events and retail experiences.

When we build YOUR LIST, we are collecting vital data from potential customers at multiple touchpoints, including those who posted a review on social, visited your tasting room or website but didn’t purchase, attended your events, drank your wine at a restaurant, and saw your wine in their favorite specialty liquor shop. We understand you may not have all of these touchpoints covered today. We’re here to close the gaps. Let STAGE14 help you take YOUR LIST to the next level, as we show you how you can increase your DTC Sales and Wine Club Sales, in a fun and engaging way.

STAGE14’s superior technology delivers consistent leads to help build YOUR LIST and leverages our proprietary blend of mobile technology, social behavioral marketing techniques, game mechanics, and big data analytics to increase your DTC Wine Sales & Wine Club Sales.


Your Story

If you run a winery, then you know that even the best wines don’t sell themselves. YOUR STORY does. With STAGE14, YOUR STORY follows every bottle sold, and everyone who ever tasted your wine. Then, the story spreads — through social media, and through word of mouth. People deserve to hear YOUR STORY, and people deserve a chance to try your wine. No kidding.


Do you sell your wine wholesale? Are you happy with your profit margins on it? Has anyone who buys your wine in the store ever joined the club? STAGE14 will change your world. You will be able to call, text, and email people who buy your wine in any store throughout the country. Can you imagine having a direct relationship with all of those who buy your wine at retail?




Do you go to public events to promote your winery? Are people backed up 3 deep trying to get a sip? Do you get enough time to tell YOUR STORY? After pouring for hours, are you happy with the number of people who joined your wine club? We believe you should get a significant ROI from every event you attend. STAGE14 can help. You will be able to call, text, and email those who liked your wine at the event. They are waiting to hear from you — don’t let them down.

Tasting Room

In your tasting room, you’ve got the home field advantage. How many people drove up to visit with their friends and – after an hour with you and your staff – you don’t even have their phone number or know what their favorite wine was? This is a big problem. At the end of the day, if 5% of your guests signed up for the wine club — you did a pretty good job, congrats — but how many of the other 95% can you call to follow up? STAGE14 will give you a second chance with them… and a third chance, if you need one. It’s too early to write them off just yet.




People talk, share stories on Facebook, post pictures on Instagram. They do it when they come visit your tasting room. They do it when they open a bottle of your wine. They do it when they give your wine as a gift. Can you take advantage of that, and weave YOUR STORY in? Now you can — STAGE14 will turn your customers into your brand’s advocates. They already love your wine — now let’s spread the love.

Mobile Friendly

We don’t build or re-jigger websites. We build mobile experiences which tell YOUR STORY and build YOUR LIST. Everything we do is mobile friendly and leverages all of the popular social networks.


Complimentary Marketing and Conversion Assessment

We’ve got you covered. A STAGE14 DTC Conversion Analyst will evaluate your unique business opportunities & determine where you can improve to drive more traffic and leads for your business.